Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.

~ Rumi

Why Psychotherapy?

Early  in life we learn to fit in. We want to feel loved, accepted and safe --  to feel we belong. We learn to disconnect from our deepest selves  due  to the limitations of human relationships and repeated experiences of  being hurt. Our needs and feelings often get buried in unhealthy  patterns of mind, body and behavior in an attempt to adapt to situations  

that were too difficult to absorb and integrate. 

I  work in an active and collaborative way to help people understand and  feel safe enough to experience what has been previously too painful or  unconscious. The therapeutic relationship illuminates relational  patterns that make it possible to understand why these emotions had to  be buried in the first place. Together, our therapy provides an  opportunity to transform the important developmental injuries that  continue to disrupt our lives. Because the focus is on the present, on  people's current lives, there is an immediate sense of relief,  confidence and freedom.

‚ÄčThe  self is repaired by creating an environment of insight, compassion and  emotional fluidity. With safety established, emotions naturally emerge  and are now a source of vitality and information rather than a source of  anxiety, depression, shame or self-blame. The capacity to feel happy  and fully alive is restored. This process catalyzes evolving changes  that continue long after treatment has ended, sustaining a lasting  impact on our lives.

My Approach to Therapy

My  practice blends Psychodynamic Therapy, mindfulness and somatics. The  Psychodynamic approach draws upon the the client/therapist relationship  to reveal our conscious and unconscious mental and emotional patterns.  These patterns shape our personality, motivations and interpersonal dynamics. 

Through mindful attention, we enable a  curious and non-judgmental perspective to illuminate the flow of  internal experience. The internal focus brings us into the sensations in  our bodies, home to all of our feelings. The access to the body allows  the release of buried emotions that have been avoided and frozen in  time, causing our suffering. 

This release restores us to a feeling of  liberation and confidence.

My  specialties are working with individual adults struggling with anxiety,  depression and trauma. This may include self-critical thoughts and  sabotaging behaviors, unworthiness and shame, strained relationships,  identity, purpose, loneliness and overwhelm. Together we identify the  emotional blocks and destructive thinking that are constantly sabotaging  your efforts to feel better. Loosening the grip on these emotional  patterns helps to stimulate your innate healing capacities, allowing you  to make the powerful changes you've been longing for.