Psychotherapy: My Personal Road To Healing

Earlier  in life I became compelled to understand what created healing and inner  freedom, determined to find answers for my own difficulties. The various therapists I saw told me I had to feel my feelings, however, I was unable connect with myself in that way.  It occurred to me that my body was so anxious and constricted, I wasn't  able to relax enough to feel what was going on. That was when I  discovered meditation. The meditation was necessary to unwind the  tension and anxiety in my body so I could finally experience my  internal world of feelings. Eventually, the practice of meditation allowed me to change the location of my  identity, returning to a part of myself that is already effortlessly and  freely here. The therapy was crucial in that it allowed me to address the obstacles I had with my own development, emotional patterns  and relationship with self and others. 

Professional Training

My  previous training in Psychoanalysis, Somatic Psychology and Mindfulness  Meditation provides the unique perspective that unifies my clinical  psychotherapy practice. Having discovered that talk, insight  and intellect alone were not enough to create the necessary healing, I  sought training in many different modalities including non-verbal  energetics, Somatics (the body,) Eastern Psychology, meditation and  the neuroscience of Attachment Theory. Assisting people in studying how  they are experientially organized helps them better understand how their  thoughts and emotions can work together to help them feel more joy,  confidence and freedom.

In  my therapeutic work I blend a relational, mindfulness and emotionally  focused approach that utilizes the body as an instinctual source of  wisdom. I have trained for over 30 years in the healing arts field, and  my early training with Jon Kabat-Zinn in Mindfulness-Based Stress  Reduction (MBSR) at the University of Massachusetts inspired me to  integrate mindfulness principles into relational psychotherapy. More  recently I have expanded my psychotherapy training to include Dynamic Emotion Focused  Therapy (DEFT) and Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy  (AEDP). The integration of these disciplines is an area of my ongoing research, practice and exploration.

Work Experience


I  have worked as a psychotherapist, group facilitator, and educator at  Cottage Hospital, The Psychiatric Foundation of Santa Barbara, The  Cancer Center of Santa Barbara, Sansum Psychiatric Department and  Hospice of Santa Barbara. Currently I am in private practice, and  working with Mental Health Matters and The Soldier's Project. Areas of  specialty include depression, anxiety, trauma, identity, relationships,   self- worth, aging and illness.

I am passionate about actively collaborating with you through the process of regaining your confidence, building  inner resources and connecting with your truest self. I am dedicated to  delivering excellent results in the shortest amount of time possible.

Education and Professional License

1991 BA Psychology, Antioch University, Santa Barbara, California
1996 MSW Master of Social Work, Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts
2000 Board of Behavioral Sciences LCSW, LCS19951